Spousal Maintenance

Issues concerning spousal maintenance and child maintenance are quite separate but linked.

The questions that often arise about spousal maintenance are:

    • Do I need to pay maintenance to my wife or husband?
    • If so, how much do I have to pay?
    • And how long do I have to pay it for?

The answers to each question will vary from case to case. That is why specialist family law advice is needed. Much will depend on such factors as the financial needs of each party, the income from all sources and the ability to afford to pay maintenance.

Variations of maintenance

It is important to remember that level spousal maintenance can go up as well as down depending on any relevant changes of circumstances.

Such changes can be due to health, loss of employment, cohabitation and so on. It is sometimes important to ensure the maintenance is kept in line with inflation and that there is adequate protection in place in the event that the paying spouse dies, for example, by way of a life insurance policy with independent and separate financial advice.

The remarriage of the party receiving spousal maintenance will mean that it comes to an end.

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