Pensions on Divorce

Specialist family law advice is needed as pensions on divorce can be difficult to understand. Next to the family home, the pensions are often the most valuable asset.

Careful and expert consideration is needed to look at the income the pensions will likely produce and how they should be divided. However, it is one that is constantly overlooked particularly in terms of the true value of the pension benefits and also how it should be taken into account.

This is very important when looking at the overall financial settlement.

What are the pension options?

  • Pension sharing
  • Pension attachment (formerly known as earmarking)
  • Pension offsetting


These are the three option options when dealing with pensions on divorce.

How we can help

We can advise to ensure that there with full disclosure of the pension benefits and to obtain a report to look properly at the relevant outcome.

We also have access to specialist pension experts and actuaries.

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