Family Law Mediation

Mediation is an alternative way for separating or divorcing couples to resolve their issues without going to court.

Through discussions in the presence of a mediator solicitor, couples work towards opening channels of communication and reaching their own agreements about divorce and financial issues, as well as arrangements for children. In turn, this avoids the acrimony and expense associated with court proceedings.

It is not designed to reconcile parties who have decided to separate, though it can help preserve the relationship between the parties (especially important where there are children about whom they will need to continue to communicate in the future). Although couples usually attend mediation without their legal advisers, each person is encouraged to take legal advice throughout the process.

Mediation is not an easy option and some can find it emotional and difficult to address sensitive issues, especially after a long period of non-communication. The advantages are that the mediator can offer solutions to problems you may not have thought of and “reality-check” proposed ideas with you to make sure they are feasible and likely to last.

How we can help

James Maguire is a Resolution accredited specialist and trained collaborative lawyer. The firm does not offer mediation but is able to refer a party to a trained mediator. For advice please contact Maguire Family Law on +44(0)1625 529456 or by email at