Collaborative Law and Mediation

Collaborative law and mediation are modern ways of dealing with divorce and family law.

The aim of collaborative law and mediation is to resolve family disputes without going to court and with your family lawyers to reach a fair agreement.

Why is collaborative law different?

Each person has their own family lawyer but instead of conducting negotiations by letter or phone, you meet together with your respective family lawyers to resolve matters face to face through family mediation. The common goal is to reach a settlement against a background of mutual respect.

You will both have the support, protection and guidance of specially trained collaborative family lawyers and other experts such as counsellors, family consultants and financial professionals who are as committed to the process working as you are.


Mediation is an alternative way for separating or divorcing couples to resolve their issues without going to court. This involves an independent mediator to helps couples through this process; and we can make a referral to mediation if it is appropriate.

Our expertise

James Maguire is a trained collaborative family lawyer. James has 20 years’ experience in dealing with family law cases and the focus is always to reach a fair settlement.

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