Family law advice is needed to ensure that a cohabitation agreement is entered properly and we are experts in dealing with cohabitation agreements or disputes. It is quite possible to attempt to protect or ring fence such wealth by way of a cohabitation agreement for those couples simply living together.

The myth of the common law marriage

There is a myth that unmarried couples have legal rights because they are a ‘common law’ husband or wife. This is not true. The rights in actual fact can be very limited and are often restricted to the house and how the ownership is held.

How we can help

If you are thinking about cohabitation, it is important to take legal advice about potentially entering into a cohabitation agreement to, for example, deal with any contributions to the purchase of a property or mortgage payments.
There may also be other issues about protecting wealth both now, for example, to recognise pre-acquired assets or in the future, for example, by way of a gift or inheritance.

But if your relationship has broken down, we can advise you about any rights you may have. Where there are children there can be an added claim for financial provision for a child under Schedule 1 Children Act 1989.

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