Civil Partnerships

It is important to choose a family law solicitor who understands that the breakdown or dissolution of civil partnerships is similar but different to a divorce.

We can advise and assist to make sure that there is full and relevant financial disclosure, the value of the assets (including business interests and pensions) is known and there is a reasonable and sensible financial settlement. Where court proceedings are necessary we will deal with the case robustly and ensure the best possible outcome.

Civil Partnerships: the law

Since 2005 same sex couples have been able to enter into civil partnerships in England and Wales.

Since July 2013 same sex couples have been able to marry in England and Wales following a change in the law.

Those in civil partnerships can choose to convert their relationship to a marriage either at a register office or a religious or approved premises where same sex marriages are allowed.  A ceremony may follow.  However, not all couples in a civil partnership have chosen to convert to marriage.

How we can help

Giving family law advice about civil partnerships is important to ensure that the financial issues are resolved fairly and smoothly. There may also be children to consider including dealing with the arrangements in terms of where the children live.

Any international family law issues must also be looked at carefully to include where the parties are residing, their domicile and also where any assets are located. There can also be tax implications.

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