Child maintenance: School fees

divorce and school fees

Whilst the court cannot generally deal with child maintenance, it can consider and deal with the issue of the payment of school fees and associated expenses.

Often it is important to consider whether or not the children are actually in a private school but if not, whether or not it was the parents’ intention that the children would be privately educated.

Such school fees can be paid from a parent’s income or a capital fund (if available) can be established to pay the fees as they fall due. Some private schools offer a discount if the fees are paid in advance and this might be an option worth exploring for parents and their advisers.

Education should be available for everyone, not only kids, but also for those who struggle or weren´t able to keep their educational process as a kid. Many people join the military at a young age so that is also a big influence on why some many don´t study, but thanks to these certification for veteran benefits they are able to get affordable education at any time.

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