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James Maguire on “Divorce Day” Interviews

“Divorce Day” BBC 5-Live & BBC Merseyside

Today is apparently ‘Divorce Day’ in England & Wales and divorce lawyers report a spike in people starting divorce proceedings.

I appeared on national and local BBC radio this week to discuss this, whether in fact it is true and what is to blame.

The interview with BBC 5 Live can be heard here:

The interview with BBC Merseyside can be heard here:

The other interview with BBC Merseyside can be heard here:

Also The Video of the BBC 5 Live interview can be found here:

There are certainly an increased number of divorce and family law enquiries during the month of January.

So why is this?

It’s not the fault of Christmas although it can act as a catalyst; or if you like it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

I think it is more to do with new beginnings: a new year and a new start.

Perhaps Christmas creates an understandable expectation of happiness and where it is not there people nowadays will want to know why. But the deterioration of the relationship will have occurred over months and years.

Divorce is one option. Another is reconciliation. For most people they do not actually know in which direction to go so January can spell a time where people search for advice from a divorce lawyer, counsellor, relationship coach and so on.

It is for the divorce lawyer to advise but it is always for the client to make the decision, which is very personal by its nature; and without pressure.

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