10 reasons to use James Maguire & Co for Family Law

  • October 28, 2014
  • 1520

10. Convenience 

Whether it is a visit to our office or a telephone appointment, we make it easy. We are always available to advise on family law issues and make ourselves available and accessible. We are located in Cheshire/South Manchester and close to the M56 and M60 together with Manchester airport https://www.family-law.co.uk/contact/

9. Passion

James Maguire & Co are passionate about what we do. We offer specialist family and divorce law advice and are dedicated to providing a first class client service.

8. Friendly

It’s often difficult to consult a lawyer but we are friendly and approachable. We look at each client and would wish them to be treated as we would a family member. We always offer a free initial consultation. We want to make any prospective client feel at ease and under no obligations. Sometimes a client just has some immediate concerns and does not wish to proceed with anything at this stage. That is absolutely fine; we would rather someone take some initial advice than not and make mistakes further into the proceedings. Some frequently asked questions can be seen here: https://www.family-law.co.uk/faq/

7. Easy to work with

James Maguire & Co work always as a team and that is to include the client. We listen to what our clients want to achieve; and we strive together to produce results. Nothing is more frustrating than delay or a lack of action. We look to move cases forward with clear goals in mind; and strive to achieve high client services levels and

6. Relationships

James Maguire & Co have kept our business purposely small and niche. This is to offer a one to one relationship with our clients and professional contacts.

5. Value

You may find a cheaper price but we add value. Someone can always offer something cheaper but ask yourself what you get in return? James Maguire & Co provide clear cost information and on an ongoing basis; and always look with the client at the costs as against the risk/benefits in pursuing a course of action.

4. Creativity

There is often more than one solution to a problem. James Maguire & Co look to build a case plan with the client, to look at tactics and strategy; to focus on solutions and to avoid stress and anxiety.

3. Experts

James Maguire & Co are experts in what we do. We offer specialist assistance and our family law solicitors can be seen here  https://www.family-law.co.uk/meet-the-team/

2. Peace of mind

This is your life and what you do now or do not do could affect the rest our your life and that of your children. You want to achieve the best possible outcome in a given situation; and you need the best family law solicitors to help you each step of the way. We are independently ranked year on year by Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500 as leading family law solicitors. You can see the annual reviews here: https://www.family-law.co.uk/portfolio/james-maguire/

1. Proven results

We started the business in 2010 and with client service at the forefront. Please see our testimonial page https://www.family-law.co.uk/testimonials/ we do not need to say anymore!