Specific Issue Order

An application for a Specific Issue Order arises when there is a dispute regarding an issue within the child’s life and can include for example:

  • where a child should attend school;
  • should there be a change to a child’s surname;
  • should the child be raised in a particular religion;
  • should the child receive certain medical treatment.


The test, as with all children act applications, is what is in the child’s best interests and consideration must be given to welfare checklist.

Everyone with parental responsibility for a child must be consulted regarding big decisions in a child’s life including the decisions set out above. If an agreement cannot be reached regarding a specific issue, an application to the court should be made. If one parent believes that the other parent is going to take unilateral action e.g. to register a child at a school they do not agree with, an application for a specific issue order and potentially a prohibited steps order should be made.

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